6 Reasons Why Hammocks Are Good For Sleeping


Sleeping on a flat surface is the standard in western cultures. But the hammock is the preferred choice for snoozing in a number of countries worldwide including Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. And for good reason. Sleeping in a sling … Continued

A Beginner’s Guide To The DIY Life


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10 Tips For Working With Your Bro


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10 Tools For Your DIY Starter Kit


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A Short History Of The Cottage


Cottages aren’t uniquely Canadian, but they do hold a special place in our national identity. Like hockey and poutine, it’s uniquely Canadian to “spend the long weekend at the lake.” How did we get here? Here’s a short history of … Continued

5 Ways To Say The Word Cottage


Even though cottaging is an important part of Canadian culture, it’s not exclusive to the Great White North. Cottages first appeared in England, and came to Canada with industrialized travel.  Since then the concept of ‘the cottage’ has spread around … Continued

All Hail Cottage Country!


One of the things we’re blessed with in this country is plenty of lakes, wilderness, and lots of space to get away from hustle of everyday life. Whether you’re going to the cabin or the cottage, Canada has the best … Continued