Mobile Beer Cart


Wish you could wet your whistle while you work? A cold beer is one of the best things to enjoy at the cottage, whether you’re working, puttering, or just hanging out. But who wants to be shlepping cases of two-fours … Continued

Bro and Arrow


Some projects for Kevin and Andrew turn into competitions. And this one is no different especially when Kevin tells Andrew he could hit an apple off his head. That gives them an idea: a DIY bow and arrow, the bro and … Continued

Table Tennis Workbench


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Thankfully for Andrew and Kevin, Brojects is as much play as it is work. In this week’s webisode, the brothers take over their local Timber Mart to build an ordinary … Continued

5 Frosty Drinks For The Hot Tub


In Episode #8, brothers Kevin and Andrew get to work on designing and building the Amphibious Hot Tub. But what is a hot tub experience without good friends and a selection of frosty drinks? Here are our five recommended frosty … Continued

30-Minute Truck Rack


It’s amazing what you can do with only a small amount of time. In this webisode, Andrew and Kevin — the Brojects brothers — put together a truck rack in just 30 minutes. A truck rack is a big and … Continued

5 DIY Projects For Kids


Both Kevin and Andrew have little ones running around, and keeping them occupied at the cottage can be tough. And as Kevin and Andrew learn in the latest episode of Brojects — The Ultimate Outdoor Playground — you can’t always … Continued

Snowball Slingshot


There are some definite advantages to living in Canada. And there are some definite advantages about winter (even if it does hang around for too long). One of them is snowballs. If you’re a kid at heart like Andrew and … Continued