8 Tiny Cabins We Love

If you spend any time in cottage country, you’ll notice that vacation homes are getting bigger and bigger every year. Modern cabins are mansions, and way more than just a home away from home. But whether you’re a minimalist or simply prefer to spend most of your time outside, a small space may be the best place. Here are 8 tiny cabins we love.

1. Hermit’s Cabin. This Hermit’s Cabin is a prefabricated cabin made in Sweden. It’s all one room, giving it that old-time prospector feel. At night you can heat a can of beans on the stove and finish that book by candlelight.


2. Shipping Container Cabin. It’s amazing to see what inventive minds have been able to do with shipping containers. This cabin can host four people, and doesn’t skimp on the wood burning stove.


3. Treehouse Cabin. This cabin was built in secret on crown land in Whistler, BC. It’s egg shape gives it support as it hugs the tree, and space is carefully considered. Since it’s on public land though, it’s future is up in the air.


4. Wall of Windows Cabin. With a wall built entirely from recycled windows, this tiny cabin cost just over $500 and lots of hard work. Two American artists dedicated more than year to finding the windows, and while it only sleeps two the sunset views are amazing.


5. Abaton Cabin. This tiny cabin from Spain gives your trip to the wilderness a sleek and modern feel. Prefab and made by Abaton, it fits only two people, but it can be moved almost anywhere.


6. DIY Cabin. This DIY cabin in California makes the most of a small footprint by keeping the social spaces outside.


7. Reclaimed Wood Cabin. Not only does this cabin feel warm and cozy, it’s totally off the grid. It gets its heat and energy through solar and propane and is made entirely of reclaimed wood.


8. Victorian Cabin. This cozy cottage looks like a miniature version of an old Victorian house. It’s tucked away in the Catskills in New York state, and the only way to find it is by trekking through the woods, hopping a stream, and hiking up a hill.



I wonder how long these tiny cabins took to create. It seems like some of them were pieced together over time and others had plans with a design scheme. I wonder how much one of these would cost to have built. http://www.scottequip.com


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