Five Activities More Dangerous Than The Ultimate Toboggan!

Ok, ok we know. How dare we tackle a winter project when summer has not even officially started?  Well the answer is we’re crazy!  And truth is we just wanted to instil a little fear in our viewers this week by giving them a taste of what’s to come! In fact “fear” is the theme of the week as the boys decide to put their lives at risk with what might be their most dangerous broject yet!  In this episode, Kevin and Andrew decide to harken back to yesteryear and build The Ultimate Toboggan. This toboggan, unlike the ones they had as kids, is tricked out with adult amenities, including an ingenious contraption to take all the hard work out of getting rider and sled back up the hill. But as they soon find out, going up the hill in The Ultimate Toboggan isn’t the problem… it’s the going down!

As Andrew so elegantly stated during the build:  “We could be up shit’s creek with a turd for a paddle.” After seeing the episode, we thought the same thing, but we’re still not going to use the word stupid or nuts to describe this broject… we’ll reserve that for the following extreme thrill seeking activities, or as we like to call it… DIY Death!  So without further ado, here are five ‘sports’ way more dangerous than The Ultimate Toboggan!

1. RUNNING WITH THE BULLS: Every year between July 6th and 14th, during the San Fermin Festival in Spain, the Pamplona Bull run invites hundreds of locals and thrill-seeking tourists to run 825 metres down a winding road chased by a handful of wild bulls. The average time start to finish is about three minutes. That means you have a three minute chance to get gored by a freakin’ bull! Since the start of the festival the death count lies at fifteen, but the number of injuries keeps climbing every year as more and more people flock to Pamplona to participate.


2. CAVE DIVING: Regular scuba diving comes with a whole grocery list of dangers including decompression sickness (pooping in your scuba gear) and being eaten by a shark. But now you can add not being able to resurface to the equation! A form of penetration diving, cave diving means that in an emergency a diver cannot swim vertically to the surface due to the cave’s ceilings, and so must swim the entire way back out. The underwater navigation through the cave system may be difficult and exit routes may be at a considerable distance, requiring the diver to have sufficient breathing gas to make the journey.


3. Cheese Rolling: Every year sport lovers in Gloucester England, choose to hurl themselves down a near-vertical hill chasing after a large wheel of cheese. The winner keeps the cheese, or what’s left of it. Broken arms and legs are as commonplace as the traditional race, dating back hundreds of years. The craziest thing about this sport is that it’s been adopted in Canada!  But by the looks of the official website at least we have the marbles to wear helmets and other protective gear.


4. HELI-SKIING: Sorry James Bond wannabes. Heli-skiing doesn’t necessarily mean you are jumping out of a moving helicopter onto the slopes! But that doesn’t mean the extreme sport is any less dangerous. Getting to ski on powder that can only be accessed by helicopter likely means very dangerous terrain, with extreme steep slopes, and possible avalanches… not to mention a possible run in with a Sasquatch!  But who needs a helicopter anyway, when you have a capstone winch to tow you up to the top of the hill! (See The Ultimate Toboggan)


5. CROCODILE BUNGEE:  We all know how exciting bungee jumping can be. The idea of being tied to an elastic chord and free falling off a cliff or a bridge appeals to thousands of thrill seekers every year all over the planet. Often times people jump over bodies of water and have the chord just long enough to dip their heads in the water. Now imagine doing that over crocodile infested waters? Or imagine having the bungee break? Suddenly The Ultimate Toboggan sounds like the Tea Cup Ride at Disneyland, doesn’t it?