BB Gun Targets


Realizing that placing apples on top of their heads a la William Tell might not be the smartest of ideas, Andrew and Kevin take the advice of Brojects super fan Bare Grills BBQ and set out to design and build a whole new set of safer targets.

Last year, Kevin was tasked with shooting an apple off of Andrew’s head using bows they had made out of PVC. At the time Kevin wasn’t all that worried, because like he said, “It probably wouldn’t even hurt him if he got an arrow to the brain.” But still, the rest of us were plenty worried.

This time around, the boys listen to the fans and decide to make “a nice discrete little target.”


To build the new BB gun targets, the boys decide to use a threaded rod so they can attach two spoons to either end which will act as the targets. The idea is that when the spoons are hit they’ll spin around and slide down the rod so the boys can both track their accuracy and compete in a friendly race.

To get things rolling, Kevin and Andrew drill a hole into a tree stump to support the Tiki torch they’re using as the target’s base. To add a pyrotechnics component to the project, they’re thinking about putting a target at the end of a match and a scraper board at the tip of the match, so everything will light up when the target is hit and… Let’s STOP right there!

Is it all that wise to be shooting at a fuel canister?

To rectify the situation, the boys cut open an old fire extinguisher and fashion a protective cover for the canister. Think of it as metal condom before the fireworks happen.

With the logistics out of the way and the build complete, there’s only one thing left to do.

In the spirit of the Giant Timber challenge, the floating round of golf, and other fierce battles that have come before, it’s time for a little competition, Brojects-style!

So lock and load and let the games begin!


DISCLAIMER: Shooting off BB guns is dangerous. Especially when Tiki fuel canisters are attached to the target. Please use extra caution.