The Brojects Brothers: 9 Things To Know About Andrew

The two brothers at the centre of Brojects might bicker and tease each other, but they both get the same sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that comes with a job well done. Like Kevin, Andrew is not a professional handyman. But he loves to spend his free time building unique and often quirky DIY projects at their beautiful East Coast cottage. What does the youngest brother bring to the Brojects duo? Here are 9 things to know about Andrew.

1. He’s younger than Kevin. As the baby brother, you might expect that he’s used to getting harassed by his older brother, but he can dish it out as well as he gets it.


2. Despite getting frustrated with brother Kevin napping or not pulling his weight, he cherishes their time together. “It’s impossible not to have a good time when you’re at the cottage, drinking beer with your brother, and using power tools,” says Andrew.


3. Andrew is an ideas man. Even if they’re not all good ideas. He has an insatiable creativity and loves to improvise. This is a guy that can’t just pick blueberries, he needs to invent a tool to help him pick blueberries.


4. He can be absentminded. Andrew gets so caught up in the idea of the project, and distracted by side projects, that he sometimes forgets to get all the supplies. And when you’re at the cottage, a second trip to the hardware store isn’t always possible.


5. Andrew will cut corners, improvise, and work with what’s available instead of getting the right material for the job. Maybe he’s being budget conscious, or maybe he likes creating more problems to solve.


6. Andrew is a stay at home Dad, and he spends his days looking after his house and running after his daughters.


7. He calls the cottage calming. Perhaps because of his hectic home life, and despite the deadlines he and Kevin set for themselves, waking up to the sound of loons or a rabbit hopping across the property is always grounding.


8. Andrew wants to push himself, mentally and creatively. “You’re always trying to catch up to the idea,” he says. Of course that means it’s up to Kevin to keep him down to earth and Brian Walker, the Brojects on-call expert, to keep him safe.


9. While the sun and nice weather are key ingredients for a productive day outside, Andrew will make the most of a bad situation and doesn’t let an off day get him down. “Even when it’s pouring rain,” he says, “there’s never a bad day at the cottage.”