Top 6 Lawn Mower Hacks


While building this week’s broject, the Ultimate Pond Hockey Rink, Kevin and Walker make the Zambroni. What’s a Zambroni? It’s a combination lawn mower, zamboni, and lobster boiler. Which got us thinking about what else you can do with a lawn … Continued

5 DIY Projects For Kids


Both Kevin and Andrew have little ones running around, and keeping them occupied at the cottage can be tough. And as Kevin and Andrew learn in the latest episode of Brojects — The Ultimate Outdoor Playground — you can’t always … Continued

5 Rainy Day Projects


Into every life a little rain must fall. Kevin and Andrew plan most of their projects to take advantage of the great outdoors, but a sudden shower or surprise storm can put a downer on the best laid plans. But … Continued

Are You A Maker Or Fixer?


Andrew and Kevin are keen on building something out of nothing. But they often leave the fixing to someone else. And what about you? Are you a maker or a fixer? Here are 5 questions to tell you where your … Continued

A Beginner’s Guide To The DIY Life


Whether your upcoming project is something minor like fixing a bicycle, or major like building a deck, there’s a sense of completion and accomplish that comes with doing the job yourself. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the DIY life. 1. … Continued

10 Tips For Working With Your Bro


Working with family can be a dream from some, and a living nightmare for others. If you and your sibling want to work on a project together, you’ll have to stay sane in order to get to the finish line. … Continued