Make Your Own Curling Stones


Curling is as Canadian as hockey and beer, part of our national identity. For the serious curler there are specially-designed arenas, precision cut curling stones and hi-tech curling brooms. But what if you want to have a casual game in your own backyard? Here’s how you can make your own curling stones from scratch.

The trick to making your own curling stones is the mould. Kevin makes his mould by using two salad bowls — a big one and a small one with the bottom cut away.

Once the mould is made, spray the inside with cooking oil and add concrete. The cooking oil will ensure that the curling stone comes out of the mould once the concrete cures. While the concrete is still wet, stick in a handle.

Pretty much anything can make a good handle. Kevin uses plumbing fittings, but you can use anything that provides a good grip and quick release.

Kevin makes a cross with nails at the bottom of the handle. This gives the handle an anchor, and makes sure it won’t pop out of the top of the finished rock.

If the handle comes loose during your game, say goodbye to that stone.

Once the concrete is solid, pull it out of the mould and you have yourself a curling stone! Add a little hockey tape for team colours and you’re good to go.

Once you have a set of curling stones, you’ll need an ice sheet.

Clear an area of ice, making sure there are no cracks or bumps that could send your rocks off course.

Flooding the sheet and letting it freeze will make it that much smoother. Of course if you have a Zambroni, it’s that much easier.

Finally, paint the scoring circle. Put a spray paint can at the end of a rope to make that scoring circle, well, a circle. And voila! You’ve made your own backyard curling rink and custom curling stones.



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