Disc Golf


Andrew and Kevin are both avid golfers, so when they’re asked to give “disc golf” a try, they naturally say ‘yes.’ To get their game going, the boys are building a disc golf basket that doubles as a beautiful industrial-style outdoor crokinole table.

To get started on this mini-build, Andrew brainstorms the idea of having a crokinole table with a disc golf basket underneath it, so when you lift the top, out pops the chains.

The materials list includes an oil barrel, a break drum, steel chains and some old steel pipe. The goal is that at the end of the build, the project will have a nice ‘industrial table look’ to it.

The first step is to rustle up some chains and screw them with eye hooks to the bottom of the table top. Next, the boys grab a flange in order to mount the steel pipe on the bottom of the crokinole table, which will act as the table top. Inside the apparatus is a telescoping pipe so that when the crokinole table gets lifted, up comes the disc golf basket.


TIP:If you happen to misplace your Allen Key (like Andrew often does), just follow this tip. Bend a nail, attach it to the end of your power drill… and presto! A DIY Allen Key.


Now, back to business. The next step is to mark off and cut a section of the barrel that will act as the catch basin for our disc golf basket. Then it’s time to weld the flange onto the pipe, attach the chains and slap a coat of paint on it for good measure.

Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. THE DISC GOLF COMPETITION. Winner get’s all the loonies in Andrew’s pocket!

Light weight and loads of fun, the boys anticipate using their new disc golf/crokinole table all summer long. Thanks for the suggestion Robbie Z!

Disclaimer: This mini-build requires a lot of cutting and welding. Please don’t forget to wear your protective gear when doing either of these activities!