Essentials For Your DIY Man Cave

Sure we’re just getting started with summer, but is it really too early to be talking about football? NFL players are reporting to training camp and up here, in the north, the 2015 CFL season is just about to kick off! All of this action has gotten Kevin and Andrew all riled up too, because in this week’s episode, they set off to watch St. Francis Xavier’s X-Men football team only to find out that they are on the road. So much for checking schedules! Not the types to give up, the boys decide to create their own Ultimate Football Lounge at the cottage. We think it’s also time YOU started to think about creating your own space, and to get you going we’ve compiled a list of DIY man cave essentials.

1. A BAR: In the “Ultimate Football Lounge,” Kevin and Andrew use a remote control car to create a mechanical beer cooler, a clever way to get your cold ones without having to get up. But let’s say you are actually willing to move. A stocked fridge and/or a fully stocked bar in your man cave is the essential place in the room that you can turn to during commercial breaks. Now we’re not saying this is the MOST important element of your man cave… but we’re also not saying that it isn’t!


2. SEATING: To create their comfy couches, the boys visited Scotia Pallets and recycled some weathered wood pallets into some state of the art seating. As cool as the they turned out, we’re guessing you’d like something a little more leathery that also reclines! Chance are you’ll be using your man cave for both entertaining and napping so you don’t want to cheap out here. You can’t put a price on comfort!


3. TV: Whether it’s the Grey Cup, the Super Bowl, or a full season of Brojects, you will undoubtedly need a large TV to complete the ‘man cave’ picture. And if sports are not your thing, putting in a large, flat-screen TV is perfect for watching movies with the wife and family. Sure, it’s your man cave, but sharing it once in a while with the people you love can be a beautiful thing.


4. GAMES TABLE:  In the previous episode (Cottage Casino), the boys turned the back of their mom’s dining table into a poker table and their Grandpa’s daybed into a craps table. Good news here is you don’t have to hide a thing! You are free! This is your man cave. So get a poker table. Or a billiards table. Let it all hang out!


5. MEMORABILIA:  You know that Joe Montana poster you have hanging in the dining room that your wife has been asking you to remove for years? Or what about that Scarface poster that she just can’t stand? Well now’s the time to make her happy and put them where they belong! Adding personal touches and showcasing your favourite sports memorabilia gives you your own personal space and reminds your guests who’s in charge…er’ in the DIY man cave at least.