DIY Valentine’s Day at the Cottage


The pressure is on. According to a survey taken last year by the National Retail Federation, the average guy reportedly spends $126 on his significant other on Valentine’s Day. But does more money necessarily mean more love? Kevin and Andrew may not be relationship experts, but they’ll be the first to tell you resourcefulness and ingenuity can go a long way. So if you’re lucky enough to be escaping to a cottage this Feb 14th, here are 6 DIY ways to win over your love on any budget.

1. Make Dinner – Don’t order in and don’t you dare heat up a TV dinner. Go ahead make steak and potatoes if that’s your thing, or may we suggest pizza in the Ultimate Pizza Oven?  Whatever you choose, just make sure you take the time to prepare something yourself. Then crack a bottle of wine for her and a Propeller Beer for yourself.

2. Tree Poetry.  Pull out the swiss army knife and carve your love a poem into a tree. It’s romantic and will last longer than a bouquet of flowers.

3. Board Games – Turn off the TV, light a fire, and break out the Hockey Crokinole! Or, maybe try something she’ll enjoy, like Scrabble or Monopoly? For brownie points, change the real-estate on the board to places that are/were meaningful in your lives i.e. first date, first place you kissed etc. Maybe when that’s done, you can squeeze in a game of Hockey Crokinole. After all, it’s your day too!

4. Get Outside – Plan a snowshoe hike or a cross-country ski. Or better yet, ice fishing, in the Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack! Make sure to have a thermos of hot chocolate ready!

5. Coupons – We know what you’re thinking, a naughty coupon book? Well, not exactly. Kevin and Andrew have been known in the past to gift Brojects to their wives –like the pizza oven and the outdoor shower. So how about a coupon to build her something she’s always wanted? Just make sure there’s a massage coupon in their valid for the night.

6. Movie Night. If you absolutely can’t keep the TV off, at least do it right. If it’s too cold to enjoy The Ultimate Outdoor Theatre,  stay in, pop some popcorn and build a fire. Now throw on Netflix. But here’s the kicker. It’s Ladies Choice, so get ready for The Notebook or Notting Hill. For brownie points, promise her you’ll go to Fifty Shades of Grey when you get back to civilization.