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    Anybody? Same scoring as the NHL one?

    Quick rundown of the rules: 1) pick the winners of each matchup including who you think will take home the Lord Stanley’s mug. Each correct winner in the first round earns you 10 points, each correct winner in round 2 is worth 25, picking the conference champs is worth 50 each and picking the Stanley Cup champs is worth 100 pt. 2) Bonus points – if you correctly pick the winner of the first round series, and correctly guess the number of games in the series (i.e., you pick the Rangers in 6 games, and the Rangers win it in 6) then you get an additional 3 points. 3) As a final tiebreak, guess the total goals scored in the Finals.

    Indiana – Atlanta
    Miami – Charlotte
    Toronto – Brooklyn
    Chicago – Washington

    San Antonio – Dallas
    OKC – Memphis
    Los Angeles – Golden State
    Houston – Portland

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    Let’s do it!

    In the East, it’s Indy in 5, Miami in 5, TO in 6, Chicago in 4
    Chicago over Indy in 7, Miami over TO in 7
    Miami over Chicago in 7
    In the West, Spurs in 4, OKC in 4, Clippers in 5, Portland in 7
    Spurs take Portland in 5, Clippers in 6 over OKC
    Spurs over LA in 6.
    Spurs take the title in 7 games.

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    @NikolasKossak Y’all never post yr pix! FWIW i think i’m at 110 with Miami and San Antonio still in it.

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