A History of the Toque. And The Bros Who Wore It Best.



Over the course of the past three seasons, brothers Kevin and Andrew Buckles have needed to keep their noggins warm while building projects like the Ultimate Toboggan and the Ultimate Ice Hotel, or while playing a round of lake golf. We have to say though, sometimes their choice of headgear has been a bit suspect! But we understand. Just like with their broventions, it’s function over fashion. Well now there’s no need to compromise! LIMITED EDITION BROJECTS TOQUES are here! Kevin and Andrew can look good and keep their heads warm while they cook up their next hair-brained ideas. And so can you!

Now, unless you are that bear from The Revenant and have been hibernating all winter, you’re likely aware that toques (or ‘beanies’ as they are called in the US) are “in.”

Once again, the Hipsters have swooped in on their bicycles and appropriated a highly functional and essential winter accessory, turning it into a piece of high fashion. But, are they solely responsible for this toque as trend phenomena? We think not. Here are some good old bros who wore it best.

5. Rocky Balboa
A black toque. A full grey sweatsuit. And steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. That’s all you need to attain the eye of the tiger and recreate one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history.

4. Paul Bunyan
Big bushy beard. Plaid shirt. And a blue ox for a best friend. Say hello to the Ultimate Hipster Lumberjack! All he’s missing is the skinny black jeans. A true giant of American folklore, Paul Bunyan originated in the oral tradition of North American loggers and was later popularized by writer William B. Laughead in a 1916 promotional pamphlet for the Red River Lumber Company.


3. Bob and Doug Mackenzie
The fictional brothers played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas become a pop culture phenomenon after airing on SCTV in 1980. Beer drinking, toque-wearing Canadians hanging out in the Great White North, what’s not to like?


2. Jacques Cousteau
This French explorer, conservationist and filmmaker, always looked fantastic while introducing us to the wonders of the sea. Bill Murray even payed homage to the man and his bright red toque in The Life Aquatic. Now if that’s not the ultimate Hipster tribute!


1. Marvin Gaye 
A true pioneer must be celebrated. That red knit cap on the Let’s Get it On album cover set the fashion world ablaze. And that was in 1973… back when Hipsters were Hippies.