How To Make Your Sleeping Area A More Restful Place


So, you’re thinking of fixing up your sleeping area. Maybe you’ve moved into a new house like our favourite brothers, or maybe your current setup just ain’t working. Regardless of the reason, sometimes it’s best to start fresh and revamp the room where all the magic happens. And by “all the magic” I mean sleep, of course.

The sad truth is that a majority of people really aren’t getting enough sleep. Luckily, there are some super easy fixes to turn that around if you’re one of those people.

So pick your favourite creature comforts, make sure there are no comfortable creatures lurking (watch out for fake rats if you’ve got a devious brother), and try out some of these sleep-saving tips.

1. Make it a bedroom, and nothing else. It can be hard to step back from the stress of daily life, and while leading such busy lives we all want to be able to stumble straight from our desk to our bed with no fuss. Unfortunately, using bedrooms for anything but sleep (and, well, you know…) can get in the way of your precious Zs. Keep the stress out, and the good times in.


2. Minimal knick-knacks. Whether you’re aiming for a zen space, or a rustic, cozy feeling, keep the clutter to an absolute minimum. if your space is neat and in order, it’ll help you feel the same way. Keep just a few comforting items like photographs, or, you know, a bonsai tree. It’ll help you sleep at night, and make it easier come spring cleaning time.


3. Ditch the light. Streetlights, alarm clocks, cell phones… day and night, you can’t get away from the light. So, hide it. Try layering shutters or blinds with curtains, turn alarm clocks away from your bed, and ditch the devices. Those blue lights make it harder to sleep, and cause you to forget you’re tired (there are some apps and operating systems that offer a night mode that shifts your light to yellow – they’re pretty neat).


4. Keep cool. Even though you might like to snuggle in under a warm blanket to sleep, your body likes the cold to fall asleep to. Just like the bears in cottage country, our bodies become drowsier in the cold which makes it easier to hit the hay. You can try a fan, lowering your thermostat, or taking a hot shower before bed so you gradually cool off and settle to sleep.


At the end of the day, we all want more sleep, so why not give these a try and see if they works. Perhaps we should apologize in advance for the increase in snoring as everyone gets a better sleep.. we know Andrew can sympathize with that problem.