Celebrate Nova Scotia Heritage Day


On February 16th, Nova Scotia celebrates its first annual Heritage Day, a new statutory holiday that honours the provincial heroes and events that helped shape the province.  Although Kevin and Andrew are slowly becoming legendary icons themselves, they still have a ways to go to catch up to some of the provinces most cherished treasures. Rita Joe, Maud Lewis, Joseph Howe and honorary Nova Scotian Alexander Graham Bell are just some of the names that are sure to be honoured over the next few years. 

If you’re not already snowed under by the massive nor’easter hitting Atlantic Canada, why not celebrate Heritage Day with a few classic outdoor activities that bring to mind this beautiful province and its heroes.

1. BBQ and WHISKY: Why save all the fun for the summer? With the Brojects’ Ultimate Smokehouse, you can prepare some delicious smokey delights while staying warm. While you wait, why not raise a glass of Glen Breton Rare single malt whisky to Nova Scotia’s provincial heroes!

2. ICE GOLF: Nova Scotians love their golf. And why shouldn’t they? The province has some of the best golf courses in the country, including Cabot Links, Canada’s first and only true links golf course. Even bad weather can’t keep a Nova Scotian away from the links. As Andrew and Kevin confirmed, it’s easy to lay out a golf course on your snow-covered property. And with the right gear, you may even beat your handicap!

3. CURLING: With a new holiday comes new traditions, and we feel curling should become the official game of Nova Scotia Heritage Day. That’s it! From here on in, on the third Monday of February, it is mandatory for all Nova Scotians to get outside, build their own curling rink and DIY Curling Rocks and have fun! Let the boys show you how!

Happy Heritage Day everyone!