The Brojects App: A Perfect Companion To Your DIY Projects

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We’re happy to announce the launch of the BROJECTS APP, the one and only mobile app you’ll need to turn your cottage into the ultimate weekend getaway!

Designed by the Brojects team along with our friends at Smiley Guy Studios, the BROJECTS APP includes an indispensable array of do-it-yourself must-haves as well as the entire library of Brojects webisodes and building guides. It also features a handy map of nearby beer and hardware stores, essential when you have to do a late afternoon supply run into the closest town or village.

Oh, and did we mention? The BROJECTS APP is free. Just visit the App Store or download the app from iTunes.

What’s inside?

• All-in-one multi-tool. Includes bubble levels, laser level, plumb line, measuring tools, emergency strobe and flashlight, sketchpad and GPS rangefinder.
• Handy construction calculators and unit converters.
• Informative reference guides for building and cooking up at the cottage.
• A beer and hardware store locator for those times when you’re running low on either brew or tools!
• Direct online access to the entire library of Brojects webisodes and building guides.
• Plus much more!


The tools

The BROJECTS APP is the Swiss Army Knife of DIY apps and comes fully equipped with the following features:


Use the edge of your device to determine if a surface is perfectly horizontal.

Lie your device flat on its back and use this bull’s eye level tool to determine if a surface is perfectly horizontal on multiple axes.

This virtual laser level tool uses your device’s camera and built-in sensors to “project” a horizontal level line in RED and vertical plumb line in GREEN. You can even take a picture for reference by clicking on a Photo button in the upper right hand corner. This will save a photo with the level and plumb lines included into your device’s Photo Library.

In order to use the plumb line tool, hold your device against any vertical surface — such as a wall or pillar — to check for plumb. When the plumb bob is in the centre of the circle, it indicates the surface being measured is is perfectly vertical forwards and back and that your device is perfectly aligned from top to bottom.

Measure any angle using your device’s built-in camera. Align the arm to one edge of the angle you wish to measure by dragging it into place. Tap the “Set Arm” button to set the position. Align the second arm to the other edge of the angle. Tap the “Angle” button to determine the angle between the two arms.

Turns your device’s screen and back LED into a multi-function flashlight, complete with strobes and SOS distress signal.

Use the caliper tool to precisely measure small objects by placing them onto your device’s screen. Move the tool’s caliper arms by dragging them to the desired position.

The rangefinder tool uses your device’s built-in GPS to estimate long distance measurements. Tap the “Set Start” button where you wish to begin the measurement and tap the “Set End” button at the end point and calculate the distance between the two points.

The Brojects map tool is perfect for when you’re running low on either beer or hardware. Simply activate the checkbox next to the item you’re seeking. Tap the icons on the map to reveal more information including store name and hours of operation.

Of course, this tool is only for personal use in jurisdictions where the consumption of alcohol beverage is lawful, of persons who are lawfully permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. We support responsible decision-making. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. We do not recommend the use of alcohol when using power tools or engaged in any other construction or building activity. The consumption of alcohol can lead to lack of concentration, which in turn leads to accidents!

The unit converter is the perfect tool for unit conversions and those pesky imperial-metric conversions, too.

Figuring out the volume of any box, cylinder, sphere or cone is a breeze with the volume calculator.

The stair builder calculator calculates the proper tread with, riser height, and number of stair risers required when building a set of stairs. Simply determine the total rise in inches and set the maximum riser height using the drop-down menu. The calculator will determine how many stairs are required, the height of each step and gives three recommendations for tread depths depending on your local building codes and builder preferences.

The lumber calculator calculates the three most common measurements when purchasing and sizing lumber and lumber products: board feet, square feet, and linear feet. It also includes a nominal width adjustment that will ensure accuracy in your square footage calculations by allowing you to make adjustments for your lumber’s stated dimensions (known in the lumber industry as the “nominal” dimensions) versus its actual dimensions, for, as some of you know, the two-by-fours that you buy from the store are really 2” by 4”.

Start a new sketch or load a photo from your Photo Library into the sketchpad. Tap anywhere on the screen to insert a text label. Change the colour of the pen or erase notes then save your sketch to your Photo Library

An interactive chart for both traditional wood screws and modern production screws, indicating head bore, shank hole, pilot hole sizes for both hardwood and softwood, and required sizes of both Phillips and Robertson style bits, for screw gauges 2 through to 14.

An interactive chart for machine screws, from #0 to #16, indicating major diameter in decimal inches, fractional inches, metric, along with UNC coarse thread and UNF fine thread pitches.

A handy guide for selecting the optimal saw blade for different types of cuts and materials.

A reference guide indicating safe internal temperatures as determined by Health Canada for a variety of foods, including meat, egg, seafood, and wild game.

A reference guide that no cottage BBQer or food smoking aficionado should be without. The interactive guide highlights the flavor and aroma profiles of several of the most popular hardwoods to give you that perfect smoke every time.

The app serves up the entire library of Brojects webisodes and step-by-step building guides… past, present and future. The app automatically refreshes with all the newest Brojects content as soon as they’re released so you’ll never have to worry about missing a single moment.

The BROJECTS APP is free and available now from the App Store or iTunes.