The Hubcap Clock

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it always seems to fly a little faster up at the cottage. In fact, we’re already on episode 3 of Season 2 and summer hasn’t even started yet!  This season we’re taking suggestions from the fans, so thanks to Youtube user Neils Gottfried Lindberg, it’s time to build a clock! The boys think it’s a great suggestion as not only will a clock in the workshop motivate them to complete projects on schedule, but it might even help Kevin get to work on time! 

First things first, Andrew takes a look around the cottage and decides a hubcap would make for a pretty cool clock.  So back to Timber Mart it is, to pick up a standard clock movement kit. Once you have your own hubcap and kit,  the next step is to take the plate out of the centre of the hubcap and drill a hole through it.


Once that’s completed, you simply insert the clock kit and… whoops! Doesn’t quite fit!  Maybe with a little persuasion from a good ol’ trusty hammer….


And voila… now that’s a perfect fit!


What time is it you ask? Well it’s about time your big brother stopped by to give you a good ribbing! “Now I can time how long it takes you to do stuff… like the four hours you spent on this clock!” Andrew laughs it off confident in his speed and that his big bro is so slow, he only needs a sun dial to track his moves.


Last but not least, it’s time to hang your new creation.. hanging_Clock

Look at that masterpiece just hanging there on the wall! Your job is done! Nothing left to do but kick back, grab a beer and waste some time!