Top 6 Lawn Mower Hacks

While building this week’s broject, the Ultimate Pond Hockey Rink, Kevin and Walker make the Zambroni. What’s a Zambroni? It’s a combination lawn mower, zamboni, and lobster boiler. Which got us thinking about what else you can do with a lawn mower! Here are our top 6 lawn mower hacks.

1. Bike Mower. Do you have a manual push mower? Fasten it to the front end of bike and you now have a pedal-powered riding mower. Cut the grass while you cut the weight!


2. RC Lawn Mower. Those radio controlled cars are a lot of fun. Why not kick back in a lawn chair and put that fun to work? A radio controlled mower can go up slopes and get to hard to reach areas that are a pain with a regular mower. Whether you hack your mower yourself or buy one, you can finally put your feet up and honestly say you’re getting work done.


3. Robo-Mower. Do you want to be entirely hands off? A robot lawn mower works like a Roomba. You put it on a set path and let it go to work for you. A robot lawn mower is best used on small plots of land though. Why should it have all the fun, right?


4. Stake And Rope. If you want something a little more analog, you can try the “stake and rope” hack. Put a stake the ground and tie it to your lawnmower with a rope. As the rope winds around the stake, the mower travels in smaller and smaller circles. Keep in mind this method may not be the safest, and it isn’t the most effective. Plus the neighbours will know just how lazy you are.


5. Sun Powered. If you want to go green while cutting your green, you can make your mower solar powered. You’re out in the sun anyway, right? You can put panels on the mower itself or make a solar charging station with a couple batteries on your machine.


6. Lawnmower Tractor Pull. You can always soup up your riding lawnmower and pit it against other riding lawnmowers. Across the country, makers hack their lawn mowers to go faster and pull more weight. Just like its big brother, the tractor pull, these competitions are all about getting the most out of the least.



The bike mower looks so much fun! Maybe I will have to try it out. However, I think I will opt to wear pants as opposed to shorts. I feel like that would be much safer for my legs. You never know what may fly up from the ground when you are doing lawn care.