30-Minute Truck Rack

It’s amazing what you can do with only a small amount of time. In this webisode, Andrew and Kevin — the Brojects brothers — put together a truck rack in just 30 minutes.

A truck rack is a big and expense purchase. But, what if you just need something basic and something quick?

Well, Kevin and Andrew have a deadline and a solution.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a roll cage. It’s just for hauling wood, and that’s it.

As Andrew clearly points out, it can’t hold a lot of weight. However, with only a small amount of time, you can build something handy and useful. All it takes is some imagination, a few tools, and a little brother-to-brother bickering.

A project like this shows that not everything has to be pretty to be workable.

Mind you if you have the extra time, it’s always a good idea to clean up your lines, add a fresh coat of paint, and make sure what you’re building is something you’ll want to have around for a while.

As Kevin and Andrew point out in this webisode, you can debate and bicker and have different ideas and still come up with a fully functioning project in no time flat. That’s always a good lesson to learn.

You’ll also quickly realize that insisting a project be perfect before you even start, is a bit of a fool’s game. By the time you make a decision, the timer will have hit zero and you won’t have anything to show for all your efforts.