Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Moderate

It’s party time! Follow the steps to discover how Andrew and Kevin turn a potbelly charcoal barbeque, an old oil drum and discarded organ pedals into the Ultimate Pizza Oven.

Project Steps

Step 1

For a real pizza lover, the cottage can be a trying time. Delivery and takeout options are often limited, frozen pizzas are a nonstarter, and that kitchen stove just can’t quite produce pies with the same crust, taste or fast bake times of a true wood-fired pizza. Plus, who wants to be stuck inside in a hot kitchen while you’re down at the cottage? The solution? Building your very own pizza oven. And what’s even better, is building the ultimate pizza oven.

Using a barbecue as the core of the build, the Ultimate Pizza Oven adds an insert collar with an opening designed to let you slide your pizza in and out without opening the lid and losing heat. This is mounted inside of a mobile table that’ll provide plenty of prep area for making the perfect pizza.


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