Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Easy

It's going to be a high stakes weekend as the boys go all-in and turn their quaint family retreat into the Cottage Casino. But a gambling den would never pass the "Mom Test” so it'll need to be discreetly hidden away until their high-roller friends come calling. To accomplish this sleight-of-hand, the boys are converting their parents' furniture and knick-knacks into cleverly-disguised custom poker tables, craps tables, beer dispensers, cigar humidors and more.

Project Steps

Step 3

Obviously, having the right furniture kicking around your cottage will help with this build. We used Gramp’s old daybed and Mom’s dining table to make the the Cottage Casino, along with the following materials, most of which are available from your nearest building supplies or hardware store:

• Felt

Enough to cover both the poker and craps tables and also line the beer holders.

• Lumber

We suggest you use the lumber calculator included with the Brojects App (free for iPhone and iPad).

• A stack of old hardcover books

Old encyclopedias and outdated school textbooks make great candidates for repurposing — and our hidden humidor is no exception.

• Mood lighting

Vintage-style “Edison” lightbulbs set the mood and nostalgically evoke Prohibition-era underground gambling dens.


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