Time Required: 1 day
Difficulty: Easy

There’s no avoiding the water hazard at the what just might be the most unique golf course in all of cottage country. Since there's very little clear land but plenty of lake at the Buckles family cottage, we're re-imagining the game of golf for the water instead. We're going to put all nine holes of our Floating Golf Course entirely on top of the lake itself and transforming our Ultimate Swim Raft from Season 1 into an aqua golf cart to get us around the links.

Project Steps

Step 1

To make The Floating Golf Course, we turned our Ultimate Swim Raft from Season 1 into a floating golf cart so we can shoot and collect the golf balls in the water. We covered the main surface of the raft in golf green so we can either drive balls or use it as a putting green for when we complete a hole. We also added an upper platform with longer grass for when we get in the rough. We blinged up the cart with fishing rod holders so we can fish while we golf, and a discreet golf bag that doubles as a beer dispenser for when we get thirsty.


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