Time Required: 1 day
Difficulty: Easy

There’s no avoiding the water hazard at the what just might be the most unique golf course in all of cottage country. Since there's very little clear land but plenty of lake at the Buckles family cottage, we're re-imagining the game of golf for the water instead. We're going to put all nine holes of our Floating Golf Course entirely on top of the lake itself and transforming our Ultimate Swim Raft from Season 1 into an aqua golf cart to get us around the links.

Project Steps

Step 3

To make The Floating Golf Course you’ll need the following materials, most available from your local building supplies store:

• A swim raft

Ok, so you really have two projects to tackle. To catch up, you’ll first have to build the Ultimate Swim Raft from Season 1.

• Lumber

You’ll need enough lumber to build the second level deck that will act as the rough.

• Artificial putting green

Cut to size the artificial putting green to fit the floor of the raft.

• One-inch diameter ABS pipes

Join several pieces together to form the perimeter of the putting green.

• Pool noodles

These will help our greens made of ABS pipes to float.

• Water jugs

To provide additional buoyancy and secure the flags marking the hole.

• Artificial grass (various thicknesses)

To place on the roof, which will simulate the rough, as well as an additional piece for our tee off area.

•Rubber golf tees

• Interlocking EVA foam tiles/mats

Used as an underlayment for the artificial grass to provide additional cushioning.

• Beer keg and tap kit

These should include a keg, a CO2 tank, a regulator, a tap and the hoses.

• Dad’s old golf bag

Ideally, a large old golf bag with clubs, that nobody will miss.


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