Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Easy

Football season is in full swing and brothers Kevin and Andrew have big plans for the season-ending showdown. But instead of going to the game, they're going to bring the game to the cottage. With a sizable contingent of football friends geared up for a tailgate party, the race is on to create the Ultimate Football Lounge -- an outdoor space protected from the elements complete with comfy insulated sofas made from repurposed wooden pallets, motorized beer coolers, gridiron challenges, and enough food to fill a stadium.

Project Steps

Step 4

When it comes to tackling any project, planning is absolutely critical. Unfortunately, we failed to follow our own advice and showed up to a StFX X-Men Football game… when they were on the road! But no real loss, because from that disappointment came the idea to build the Ultimate Football Lounge! The first thing that came to mind was the need for comfortable seating, so we took a trip down to Scotia Pallets for some ideas. Recycling is the whole point of building with pallets so we decided to go with the older, more weathered-looking pallets. There were no gaps in the slats so they were perfect for seating we were planning to build!


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