Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Easy

Football season is in full swing and brothers Kevin and Andrew have big plans for the season-ending showdown. But instead of going to the game, they're going to bring the game to the cottage. With a sizable contingent of football friends geared up for a tailgate party, the race is on to create the Ultimate Football Lounge -- an outdoor space protected from the elements complete with comfy insulated sofas made from repurposed wooden pallets, motorized beer coolers, gridiron challenges, and enough food to fill a stadium.

Project Steps

Step 6

You can’t always expect the weather to cooperate, especially in Canada! A canopy to cover the party area was critical! We didn’t want to use any old blue tarp, so we decide on a sail like material we had kicking around to form the awning. It needed a serious cleaning, so we first soaked it in a barrel then gave it a good pressure wash. The trickiest part was finding a pair of trees where we could string up a line to hang the thing… but we managed… just in time for kickoff.


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