Time Required: One day
Difficulty: Easy

With friends and family on their way and a whole dining room needing to be assembled, Kevin and Andrew are behind the 8-ball in more ways than one in trying to turn their new pool table in a much-needed dining table.

Project Steps

Step 1

To make our dining pool table, we’ll begin by building a maple veneered plywood top that will lock in place using pegs aligned with our homemade jig. Walnut trim around the edge will give it a refined look and also add some support. For seating, we’ll repurpose old church pews and modify them to better suit our table’s height, while over top, we’ll make a classic pool table lamp out of barn board that will double as a dining room chandelier. Finally, we’ll deck the table with a bunch of billiards themed centrepieces and serving utensils. With plenty of guests expecting a fancy dinner party, we’ll have to cook up a storm in order to throw the ultimate harvest feast.


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