Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Moderate

Andrew and Kevin are going all-out on a triple-purpose project that converts from a skateboard halfpipe to a window-saving floor hockey arena to finally, a refined living room for recovering from those inevitable injuries.

Project Steps

Step 1

We’re adding extreme comfort (and maybe extreme danger) to the house to the house with a halfpipe living room. We’ll start with some plywood and 2-by-4s to create two quarter pipes and connect them by a movable deck. Strong metal rails at the top of the ramp will create a coping for grinding and dropping in, while hardboard sheets laid over the ramp will create our smooth skateable surface. Flanking both sides of the halfpipe will be the take off and landing areas, which will also feature built-in, movable floor hockey nets. All these pieces will be modular and mounted on caster wheels so the whole project can be broken apart and transformed in three ways. From a daredevil skateboard ramp, to a floor hockey arena with curved, window-saving boards, and finally into an architectural living room feature complete with comfy sofa chairs and a coffee table stereo. The perfect place to relax and recover from all of our skateboarding and hockey injuries.


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