Time Required: Two days
Difficulty: Easy

Kevin and Andrew are looking to escape the winter blahs but since they can’t come to the beach, the beach is coming to them.

Project Steps

Step 1

We’ll start our indoor beach by laying down radiant floor heating that we’ll then cover in white sand. Next we’ll add a baseboard heater over top of which we’ll sit Kevin’s hand-built bamboo couch with another overhead heater to get the temperatures rising even higher. Continuing with the tropical theme, we’re covering our walls with a floor-to-ceiling mural of a beach vista. To create the illusion that we’re in a cabana by the ocean, we’re gonna add posts, walls, and a thatched roof. Finished off with tiki torches, a tiki bar in front of the window, and our Walker cutout to serve as our bartender. The room’s existing exterior door will be put to good use. We’ll install a large insulated cooler box just outside the door that will keep the cold out of our beach, and instead into the drinks stored inside. With all those elements in place, we’ll finally be feeling the heat and have a refuge for all those chilly winter days in the house.


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