Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Moderate

After a night of tossing and turning, brothers Andrew and Kevin decide that it’s about time to add beds to their recently purchased lodge hall. 

Project Steps

Step 1

So to start our bed pods, we’ll make two wooden platforms with posts on the corners. After that, it’s anything goes as we’ll be splitting up to build our own.

One will be a rustic homage to the cottage that’s move-in ready. A DIY murphy bed will give us a ton of storage space and keep us organized while all the decor will give it that special cottage touch.

While the other will be a minimalist zen sanctuary. The bed will be low to the ground to open up the space and draw attention to the shoji style walls and calming accent pieces.

We only have three days to build these, so it’ll be a race to see who’s first to get a good nights sleep.


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