Time Required: Three days
Difficulty: Hard

Andrew and Kevin are building a woods-themed bathroom that recreates a serene forest setting for when they really gotta go, because when nature calls, there’s no better place to be than in nature itself!

Project Steps

Step 1

For our indoor outdoor bathroom, we’re gonna start byopening up the old lath and plaster walls and cladding the exposed studs with long bark slabs, fresh from the lumber mill. Our sink will be a rustic natural feature complete with a rock basin, a custom built copper flue and faucet, and fronted by a green living wall.Continuing with the stone theme, we’ll add additional touches like a grey slate backsplash and tile floor. A flagstone shelf, and a new stone-wrapped toilet. On the walls we’ll turn a photo of the woods into a wall mural to add depth and to create the illusion that we’re in the forest, while high above we’ll utilize another bark slab to create a homemade hanging chandelier. We’ll finish it off with a new entranceway complete with a barnboard door and a light up crescent moon, making this the perfect homage to the cottage outhouse, in the house.


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