Time Required: A long weekend (3 days)
Difficulty: Moderate

Unable to decide whether to build a new bowling alley or a new dock for their cottage property, Andrew and Kevin decide to do both, combining two ideas into one. The Browling Alley is a fixed wooden boat dock that also doubles as a ten-pin bowling lane, complete with gutters, a mechanical pinsetter, and a ball return system.

Project Steps

Step 5

Next came the “bowling alley” section of the browling alley: the pins, pinsetter and ball return mechanism. To build the pins, we visited a nearby hardwood slash pile left behind from a logging operation, grabbing small, straight trunks that were between two to three inches in diameter. Using a borrowed bowling pin as a reference, we cut ten of these to 15.75 inches or 400 mm tall. At the top of each pin, we just took a little eye hook and drilled it in.


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