Time Required: A long weekend (3 days)
Difficulty: Moderate

Unable to decide whether to build a new bowling alley or a new dock for their cottage property, Andrew and Kevin decide to do both, combining two ideas into one. The Browling Alley is a fixed wooden boat dock that also doubles as a ten-pin bowling lane, complete with gutters, a mechanical pinsetter, and a ball return system.

Project Steps

Step 2

Kevin and Andrew are just regular joes, learning as they go. They’re not pros by any means and don’t know how to do everything so they are always asking others for help and conducting extensive research. For this project, they took a trip to Pins Bowling Center in Antigonish, N.S. to learn how the pinsetter and ball return mechanism works. They also called on Walker, a geotechnical engineer, to help trouble-shoot the ball return. Parts of this project are tricky so don’t hesitate to check out our web forums for tips or to ask a specific question. As with any Brojects project, The Browling Alley is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. To fire-up your creativity, we’ve curated a “bowling alley dock” board on the Brojects Pinterest page. You might want to have a look here first before you set-up your work station and mock-up the design.

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