Time Required: A long weekend (3 days)
Difficulty: Moderate

Unable to decide whether to build a new bowling alley or a new dock for their cottage property, Andrew and Kevin decide to do both, combining two ideas into one. The Browling Alley is a fixed wooden boat dock that also doubles as a ten-pin bowling lane, complete with gutters, a mechanical pinsetter, and a ball return system.

Project Steps

Step 6

One of our major components obviously is the pinsetter as it’s the biggest thing in any bowling alley. We began by framing out a box using cedar two-by-fours and decking planks.

Next, we drilled ten holes directly above where we want the pins to sit, in the familiar triangular bowling pin formation.

We attached little strings to the eye hooks of the pins and ran one through each of the drilled holes, which is going to help us guide and reset our pins. The strings are routed through more eye hooks on the top and back of the pinsetter, and connected to a larger rope that can be controlled by a large reel located at the other end of the dock.


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