Time Required: A long weekend
Difficulty: Expert

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that we need more than a workshop at the cottage. The biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how to make this massive two-and-a-half ton repurposed shipping container fit into the natural surroundings.

Project Steps

Step 3

To make The Cottage Workshop you’ll need the following materials, some of which are available from your local building supplies store:

• Shipping Container

It’s easy to get one. How you get it onto your property is another story. Depending on the roads leading up to your cottage, it can be no easy task… but definitely worth the effort!

• Lumber

We’ll be building not one but two decks so you’ll need a lot of 2-by-6’s and even some 6-by-6’s for the framing, enough deck boards to cover, as well as 4-by-4 posts and 2-by-4’s for the railing on the upper level. We’ll also need plywood and more 2-by-6’s to build the door frame and large barn doors that will make up the entrance to our Workshop. The lumber calculator on the free Brojects App was a great help in figuring out how much lumber we needed to order.

• Hardware

Heavy-duty door hinges, nuts and bolts, lag screws, deck screws.

• Cedar Shingles

To decorate the door.

• Tempered glass panels

For a nice finish to the rooftop patio.  

• Workbenches and tool storage

We opted to build our own mobile workstation using a pair of school lockers with a workbench in between, all of which sit on a rolling flat dolly.


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