Time Required: Two Days
Difficulty: Moderate

Brothers Kevin and Andrew get to work on designing and building the Amphibious Hot Tub. With their life jackets and frosty drinks loaded on board, the boys set sail for the adventure of a life (or death) time.


Project Steps

Step 8

Even before we added the outriggers, this thing was a beast. But now with the outriggers on, it’s as heavy as a church. We built a rolling platform for it using 2-by-6’s and pneumatic caster wheels so that it can be rolled in and out of the water. In trying to get our hot tub into the water, we got stuck twice, nearly destroyed our drain plug which would’ve sent a geyser of water into the tub, and came within inches of being run over by it too. What a way to go: killed by your own floating hot tub!


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