Time Required: Two Days
Difficulty: Moderate

Brothers Kevin and Andrew get to work on designing and building the Amphibious Hot Tub. With their life jackets and frosty drinks loaded on board, the boys set sail for the adventure of a life (or death) time.


Project Steps

Step 3

To build the Amphibious Hot Tub, we’ll need the following supplies, materials and special tools:

• Dimensional cedar lumber

2-by-4’s, 2-by-6’s and 1-by planks.

• Fiberglass commercial fishing tub

Also known as simply a rectangular fiberglass tank. Any large fiberglass, waterproof container large enough to hold several adults will serve the same purpose.

• Wood-fired hot tub heater

We went with a unit that employs a unique physical principle known as thermosiphoning that is ideal in low-flow water heating applications such as this.

• Two-part Liquid Expanding Marine Polyurethane Pour Foam

We chose a closed cell, pourable foam, which will resist the absorption of water.

• Electric trolling motor

You still have one of these from ‎your Ultimate Swim Raft build, right?

• Marine battery

Juice for powering our electric trolling motor.


Special Tools

• Grinder with cutting wheel

For cutting through fiberglass.

• Eye protection

A must in almost every project, and especially this one.

• Full-face respirator

Fiberglass is nasty stuff that you certainly don’t want to be breathing in.

• Skin and Foot Protection

Leather or comparable gloves to prevent penetration of fiberglass fibers, protective coveralls and hat or hood to minimize skin and hair contact, long sleeve shirt or sweater that will also cover the base of the neck and long pants and safety shoes

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