The 5 Coolest Ice Hotels on the Planet


Yeah, yeah, we know…. summer isn’t even here yet and we’re talking about winter and building ice hotels. But c’mon, hear us out. First imagine it’s the middle of summer. The humidity is unbearable and your air conditioner is busted! You’re … Continued

Essentials For Your DIY Man Cave

Sure we’re just getting started with summer, but is it really too early to be talking about football? NFL players are reporting to training camp and up here, in the north, the 2015 CFL season is just about to kick … Continued

DIY Beach Luau Party

For brothers Andrew and Kevin, summers by the lake lack only one thing: a beach. In Episode 5, they set out to rectify that situation in their quest to host the Ultimate Beach Party.  Sand, a tiki bar, open fire … Continued

Shipping Container Homes We Love

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that Andrew and Kevin need more than a workshop up at the cottage. But with an order from the parents to keep it discreet and unobtrusive, the boys have some … Continued

DIY Valentine’s Day at the Cottage

The pressure is on. According to a survey taken last year by the National Retail Federation, the average guy reportedly spends $126 on his significant other on Valentine’s Day. But does more money necessarily mean more love? Kevin and Andrew … Continued

6 Ways To Boost Your Energy


  Kevin and Andrew set very tight schedules for themselves on Brojects with a lot of projects completed over three to four days.  When they decide to build the Mobile Mini Cottage (Season 1, Episode #13), they end up burning the … Continued