Brojects Guide to Winning at Poker

In this week’s episode, brothers Kevin and Andrew, along with their engineer pal Walker, are going all-in and turning their quaint family retreat into The Cottage Casino. Fearing a gambling den would never pass the “Mom test”, the boys are … Continued

DIY Beach Luau Party

For brothers Andrew and Kevin, summers by the lake lack only one thing: a beach. In Episode 5, they set out to rectify that situation in their quest to host the Ultimate Beach Party.  Sand, a tiki bar, open fire … Continued

6 Ways To Boost Your Energy


  Kevin and Andrew set very tight schedules for themselves on Brojects with a lot of projects completed over three to four days.  When they decide to build the Mobile Mini Cottage (Season 1, Episode #13), they end up burning the … Continued

Make Your Own Curling Stones


Curling is as Canadian as hockey and beer, part of our national identity. For the serious curler there are specially-designed arenas, precision cut curling stones and hi-tech curling brooms. But what if you want to have a casual game in … Continued

Top 6 Lawn Mower Hacks


While building this week’s broject, the Ultimate Pond Hockey Rink, Kevin and Walker make the Zambroni. What’s a Zambroni? It’s a combination lawn mower, zamboni, and lobster boiler. Which got us thinking about what else you can do with a lawn … Continued

Mobile Beer Cart


Wish you could wet your whistle while you work? A cold beer is one of the best things to enjoy at the cottage, whether you’re working, puttering, or just hanging out. But who wants to be shlepping cases of two-fours … Continued

30-Minute Truck Rack


It’s amazing what you can do with only a small amount of time. In this webisode, Andrew and Kevin — the Brojects brothers — put together a truck rack in just 30 minutes. A truck rack is a big and … Continued

Are You A Maker Or Fixer?


Andrew and Kevin are keen on building something out of nothing. But they often leave the fixing to someone else. And what about you? Are you a maker or a fixer? Here are 5 questions to tell you where your … Continued

A Beginner’s Guide To The DIY Life


Whether your upcoming project is something minor like fixing a bicycle, or major like building a deck, there’s a sense of completion and accomplish that comes with doing the job yourself. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the DIY life. 1. … Continued