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Brojects follows brothers Kevin and Andrew as they retreat from their everyday lives to their cottage sanctuary where they engage in challenging and often quirky DIY cottage building projects.

The brothers devise imaginative projects aimed at turning their cottage into the ultimate weekend getaway, while also learning the true meaning of brotherhood and family.

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Episode 1: Ultimate Swim Raft


Swimming in the lake is an essential part of the cottage experience but the brothers need a swim raft….the ultimate swim raft. Andrew and Kevin retreat to the drawing board eager to fix the situation. They quickly come to the conclusion that their new swim raft will need to be self-propelled so that it can be moored both at the shore as well as in the middle of the lake where the swimming is prime. Together with their engineer pal Walker, the boys decide to build the Ultimate Swim Raft, complete with benches, a cedar pergola, a hammock, a solar-powered motor, a trap-door cooler, a retractable anchor.

Episode 2: The Chair-Ski


Brothers Andrew and Kevin have always wanted to combine their two favourite activities at the cottage: water sports and relaxing on their deck chairs. The boys concoct yet another one-of-a-kind Brojects creation: the Chair-Ski – a deck chair on water-skis that can be towed at break-neck speeds with a motorboat. As always, Andrew wants to take it one step further and decides to add a jump, and as always, Kevin disapproves. Join the boys on as they embark on their wackiest (and wettest) adventure yet.

Episode 3: Ultimate Pizza Oven


Brothers Andrew and Kevin want to create the ultimate Margherita and Margarita experience: fresh, piping-hot Neapolitan-style Margherita pizzas paired with tasty frozen Margarita cocktails. The brothers, with some consulting with their engineer pal Walker, set about converting a potbelly charcoal BBQ into a pizza oven and an old exercise bike into the human-powered blender. With friends and family on their way, the boys are in a race against the clock to get their outdoor kitchen ready in time for the big party.

Episode 4: Ultimate Outdoor Theatre


Frustrated by the poor movie watching experience inside the cottage, brothers Andrew and Kevin dream of having an outdoor movie theatre setup and this weekend, they set out to realize that dream. They want something that is portable, can be hidden when not in use, is protected from the elements, can function as a music system when not being used to watch movies, and above all, is easy to set up and take down. Settle back with a bag of popcorn and watch as the brothers, together with some help from Walker, premiere their Ultimate Outdoor Theatre.

Episode 5: Ultimate Fire Pit


For brothers Andrew and Kevin, the heart of their cottage has always been the fire pit. It’s the epicentre of all cottage weekends and the place where laughs are loudest and memories are made. Food, fun, and fire all revolve around this simple hole in the ground. The brothers understand the importance of such a location and set about constructing one that is fitting of the ultimate cottage. From log chaise lounges to suspended fire pits, the bros set their imaginations ablaze. What emerges from the ashes is truly the Ultimate Fire Pit.

Episode 6: Ultimate Outdoor Shower


Brothers Andrew and Kevin arrive at the cottage with autumn colours on the trees and a plan to tackle one of their most important cottage projects yet: the Ultimate Outdoor Shower. The current shower situation at the cottage is bleak: it’s two sizes too small, has weak water pressure, and worst of all, at this time of year, when the water to the cottage is turned off, there is no shower at all. The brothers dream of a spa-like shower with a view of the lake and an open roof to see the stars, a destination shower where they can relax and wash off a hard day’s work.

Episode 7: Ultimate Playground


With a mandate from their wives to build something for the kids, brothers Andrew and Kevin tackle the Ultimate Playground. The boys unleash their inner eight-year-olds to create a kid-friendly cottage play area, not fully realizing they’re actually making one for themselves. The boys hurl themselves headlong into slack lines, zip lines, teeter-totters and a man-sized version of a baby bouncer, proving the old adage that while growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

Episode 8: Amphibious Hot Tub


Growing up, “hot tubbing” meant a bathtub in their front yard fed with a garden hose. Inspired to set things right, brothers Kevin and Andrew, get to work on designing and building the ultimate cottage hot tub. With a lust for unobstructed nighttime stargazing, Andrew pushes his brother towards making the hot tub amphibious so they can float out onto the lake in style to view the stars. With their life jackets and frosty drinks loaded on board, the boys set sail for the adventure of a life (or death) time.

Episode 9: Ultimate Smokehouse


The cottage of brothers Andrew and Kevin lacks a ‘man’tuary: a place to sit, watch fire cook meat, drink liquids that burn your belly, and generally look busy while doing next to nothing. While sweeping the chimney in preparation for the winter in between sips of bourbon and nibbles of smoked salmon, inspiration hits the boys – what if they combine a smoke shack with a bourbon bar? The Ultimate Smokehouse is the perfect ‘smoke screen’ that will allow the bros to hit the bar while their wives think they are working hard on preparing food for dinner.

Episode 10: Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack


The lake at the cottage is not open for winter fishing so the brothers Andrew and Kevin decide they need a mobile ice fishing shack they can haul into the middle of a neighboring frozen lake. But for these boys, it can’t be any old shack. Hitch along for the ride as the brothers, together with their engineer pal Walker, design and build the Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack: a warm and cozy, ultra-portable hut that is a cinch to set-up and take-down.

Episode 11: Ultimate Hockey Rink


A weekend winter getaway has been a family cottage tradition for brothers Andrew and Kevin for years. Their friends come in force looking to beat the winter blues with a healthy dose of crisp winter air and good-natured banter. This year, the brothers decide to build the Ultimate Hockey Rink to keep the masses entertained. Complete with rinkside food and bevies, a lawnmower-turned-ice resurfacer, and their very own trophy — the Manly Cup -– this promises to be a spirited game of stick and puck that rivals the pros in entertainment value.

Episode 12: Ultimate Breakfast Bar


Warmer days and cold nights bring brothers Andrew and Kevin to the cottage with sweet dreams on their minds and maple syrup supplies in their hands. Having always wanted to take part in this quintessential springtime food harvest, the brothers are armed with ambition but not a lot more. Luckily, their trusted engineer pal Walker is along for the ride to help keep the boys on track. Together, the trio set out to create the Ultimate Breakfast Bar: a homemade sap evaporator that, in true Brojects fashion, is more than meets the eye.

Episode 13: Mobile Mini Cottage


With springtime just around the corner, the anticipation of warm weather and longer days gets brothers Andrew and Kevin dreaming about adventures they can do in cottage country. With plenty of beautiful beaches, pristine parks, and lakeside campgrounds scattered throughout the area, the boys decide that they need to be able to take their cottage with them on their adventures. Thus, is born the Brojects Mobile Mini Cottage.